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Letter to the Editor: Mass consensus
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Dear Editor: Regarding reader Roy Everitt’s recent letter about pressing issues stifling America today and in the spirit of our cherished notion of cognitive egalitarianism, I would opt for one of the issues presented him in the survey, i.e. an unwinnable war, the debt, energy dependence, etc.

There is no question that Americans require their surgeons, teachers and scientists and so forth to be fully vested in the knowledge they claim. But, we do not want them, nor the government (used to be us) then mandating that we comply with, without questioning, their opinions.

Anyone keeping up, or caring about our current economic and political slides quickly recognizes that it is these so called elite in their field who have swept us into this debtor nation status (relying on China for our salvation to borrow) in which we now find ourselves. Economists, like every other profession, have wide and varied opinions as to what we should do. In their educations they, too, have been fashioned in such a way that they cannot do otherwise than what they were programmed. And it depends on how they were programmed. That is the problem with our state/public education as we now have it. Mass produced consensus is the goal in our present day education and is attempted to be enforced by what has become a totalitarian government. Unfortunately, it does little in the way of confidence building in the masses when we see our currency debased and a collapse in the world order, power hierarchy, morality, self reliance/responsibility, etc. It just doesn’t work when you take away the ability and right for one to think for himself — be it the teacher or the student.

No, Mr. Everitt, it is these enlightened elite and the worthless and corrupt politicians who have turned away from common sense, leading us down the primrose path to the unbelievable place we now find ourselves. Thus, the reason for the populist resurgence we are witnessing. We have had enough of those who think we are too stupid to see the truth and the big picture and must force us to traipse along with their notions of what is best. See our present “Commander in Chief.”

Felton Hudson
Stone Mountain