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Letter to the editor... Fight on, Arizona
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Dear Editor: As those of us who actually have a generational birthright claim of citizenship to this once sovereign nation wait with bated breath for a politically appointed judge in Arizona to determine if Arizona has the right to protect its borders and citizenry, this "administration" unbelievably squanders more money that we don’t have to oppose sanity. How could any rational thought condone and actually promote stealing one’s way into our country? Especially from our leader. Arizona’s new law merely codifies existing federal law that Obama and Bush ignored. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him most?

Some contend there are 10 million illegal aliens now camped out in the United States. Some say there are 20 million. The truth is, we haven’t the foggiest notion as to the true number. But we should not lose sight that all are not Hispanic or Mexicans. The undocumented come from all corners of the earth and are landing here daily and melting into the woodwork by the millions. Can there be little sane argument that our borders are not the most violated in the world?

No other nation would stand for such an invasion. We have been invaded, conquered and occupied without a single shot being fired. And what do we hear from those responsible for this total breach of national sovereignty? A bunch of carping and whining about Arizona’s attempt to go it alone in protecting their citizens and their jobs. And from the windbag Marxist from nowhere we have unbelievably elected to our highest office, we must witness him jeering and pooh-pooing responsible legislation to curb this madness. He goes for votes as we give away our country.

We can only pray that this man from Hawaii, Kenya, Chicago, or, wherever, becomes a lame duck this November, and that his election with zero qualifications to the presidency becomes a bitter memory that we can overcome in the decades ahead.

Felton Hudson

Stone Mountain