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Letter to the editor
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Don't forget the write-ins

To the editor: I am writing about write-in candidates and the citizens of Covington. In the beginning of the election campaign, I cheered Mr. Johnston for his appeal and campaign signs; he also stated that he was going to each house in the city to talk to the voters. I hoped to meet him. But he never appeared. I assume he did not visit my residence as I had a “Vote for Tim Walden for Write-In for mayor“ sign in my yard. I then noticed the huge publicity that was given to Mr. Sigman due to his taking signs and paying cash for them. All are news worthy stories but there is still another candidate in the race for mayor.

I have made several calls in the past month, to get information about why there has been no interviews given to candidate Walden. I was advised that this was due to his being a write-in candidate for mayor, which is not “official.” According to the board of elections of Newton County, a citizen who seeks election as a write-in candidate still has to do the same paperwork as any other candidate to make him- or herself official. Therefore, no one could vote for Mickey Mouse and or any other superhero you would prefer. I just find it discouraging how a newspaper with “non-bias reporting” is being biased by putting in news items that do not reflect all of the voters and candidates.

There are several in the City of Covington who back Mr. Walden in his route to become the its mayor. I guess that if Mr. Walden becomes mayor, you will not declare him the mayor of Covington because he was a write-in candidate. 

I assume Mr. Johnston is your frontrunner due to your continued support towards him and his campaign. On Oct. 19 in the Our Thoughts section, a applause was given to Mr. Johnston on becoming the new mayor. This was disrespectful to Mr. Sigman and Mr. Walden who were still in the race. Mr. Walden has attended both forums and participated in them. He has also been very loyal to the community and his supporters, but he has not been given the opportunity to prove it to the votes of Covington, as he has never being asked for his input like the other “official” candidates were.

  Therefore I would like my message to be printed as an outcry to the voters and write-in candidates who have written letters about this and have never gotten the answers which they need.