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Letter: Thank You, Jackie Gutknecht

Letter to the Editor:

When the Covington News announced its “40 Under 40” publication, I started thinking about people I knew that would be deserving of a nomination. One of the first names I thought of was Jackie Gutknecht. Unfortunately, as the editor for the Covington News and one of the people responsible for selecting the “40 Under 40” honorees, Jackie isn’t eligible to participate.

What Jackie does for our community cannot not be undervalued. I have the pleasure of working with Jackie routinely and I see the dedication and passion she has for her craft. Jackie remains fair and unbiased despite working closely with many of the people she reports on and her passion is apparent if you read any of her columns.    

It is no secret the dynamics of the newspaper industry are evolving and consumers are shifting from preferring a paper medium to a digital one. In response, Jackie is not only bringing a more robust digital platform to her consumers, she is bringing quality journalism as well. As a small community, we need to be thankful Jackie and her team at the Covington News is there to ensure we as citizens and consumers stay informed.

Thank you, Jackie for all of your contributions to our city.

Trey Sanders