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LETTER: Reader angry with county’s plan for ARPA fund distribution

Dear Editor:

I am so mad, I could spit nails and chew concrete after reading article of NCBOC needing to hire a firm to “address how to spend stimulus money.” The taxpayers have already elected the people that should address this. The BOC. Why is there a need to “hire” some other outside persons to do their job for the people of Newton County? And, the perks stated by commissioners as needed, is just plain ridiculous. How about doing something that benefits all of county taxpayers instead of some?

I have been trying for two years to get a repave of Salem Branch subdivision. Salem Branch was built in early 1970s; and roads have not been touched since by county. It has never been repaved; paved, black topped or any other maintenance; but all our taxes keep right on being collected. This, to me, is beyond discrimination. I would like to see a list of roads that have been maintained at least once or more since 1970; and why we have been left out of the conversation. Tax payers should remember voting is the only voice.

Thank you,

Renee Wood