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Letter: Draped in the flag of Trump

To the editor:

In Georgia, several Republican Candidates have received the golden endorsement of Donald J. Trump in a highly competitive Georgia Governor’s race. Trump chose to endorse Brian Kemp over Casey Cagle. The endorsement appeared to be the boost Kemp needed to win the highly contested runoff. Other Georgian politicians that have or will receive the highly coveted Trump endorsement are Karen Handel and Jody Hice. More than likely Trump will endorse every Republican candidate in Georgia. The question for Georgians is, “What price does one pay for such an endorsement?”

The nation has seen many politicians, ministers and business owners kneel at the feet of Trump to further their own political agendas. Those who work with Trump in the West Wing of America's White House must display conformity and agreement to keep employment.

Many political pundits state that Trump's West Wing staff is the most unqualified in modern day history. On Nov.24, 2016, The Huffington Post reported that Trump's staff is on track to being the least experienced in modern day history. Trump has a history of employing under qualified staff as a method of supporting his desire to govern over only those people who will do as he instructs without question. On June 13, 2017, USA Today wrote, “The Trump hiring crisis means America’s got no talent.”

The church has sold its souls for political favor. The failure of this administration is daunting. The constant misinformation, unqualified personnel and leakage to the American public is more than unsettling. White evangelicals want in on the Art of the Deal by bowing at the altar of their God, Donald Trump. The New York Times reported that although evangelical leader Franklin Graham stated in an article printed June 20, 2018, “This is not the Administration's fault.” Even some Black ministers who seek acceptance into the Trump gang and a piece of the Trump pie, made the absurd claim that Trump has done more for the Black community than any other president.  No evidence to support such a claim has been produced. 

Trump has disgraced this nation in numerous statements and by his conduct. His claim that there are good Nazis, White Supremacists and KKK members among a group that rammed a car into a crowd ending one young woman's life.

Trump has ignored and insulted one of America’s heroes, the late Sen. John McCain, by purposely avoiding mentioning Sen. McCain's name in a military spending bill. His adulterous behavior has gripped America in controversy with his affairs with a porn actress and model. Recently audio tapes of Trump and his staff are slowly being leaked by former staffer Omarosa Newman. Trump has recently decided to attack highly regarded professionals that have protected this nation for decades because their investigation of Trump's wrongdoings.

In Georgia, many still support Trump and those he endorses. This president has shown he has no allegiance to the American Flag or its people. This fight will not be left to politicians, ministers, or a cabinet that doesn't serve the country, but serves a man, Donald J. Trump. We the people must rise together to inspire a nation to meet its promise to its people.

Gene A. Wills