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Letter: Commissioner restores public confidence in government

To the editor:

The end of this year will bring to a close a remarkable 12 years of service to Newton County by District 3 Commissioner Nancy Schulz.  A mother, wife, business owner, public health nurse and now grandmother, Schulz never shirked the extra effort it took to be an effective elected official. She never took her office for granted and worked hard to be responsive to individual constituents.  There was not a phone call she did not return, and one recent Saturday evening, Schulz and husband Dick were out after dark cleaning up refuse in a district neighborhood after a phone call from a concerned resident.

She has a well-earned reputation for commitment to fiscal discipline, financial accountability and full transparency. Other board members have come to rely on her detailed grasp of the county budget. She championed consistent efforts over recent years to restore the county's fund balance, and the entire board celebrated the first-time award of a AAA bond rating with last year's budget! Her personal integrity and work ethic are unquestioned.  She is fearless in challenging special interests, despite personal or political repercussions in some cases.

District 3 has seen the opening of a new Westside precinct and tag office, a groundbreaking this month on a new fire station, over 100 miles of roads paved since 2009, engineering underway to widen Salem Road, passage of two overlay districts to enhance building design standards and passage of the 2017 SPLOST to provide for a Westside youth facility, the Newton County Boys and Girls Club where she serves on the Advisory Committee. 

In service to the entire county, Schulz remains an original member of the Solid Waste Management Authority that is no longer operating in the red and served on the leadership team for a citizen needs assessment resulting in the county's first ever Strategic Plan to guide budget allocations in keeping with constituent priorities.

Schulz is an elected official who restores public confidence in the ability of local government to serve, protect and promote the common welfare.  Thank you, Commissioner Schulz.

Barbara Morgan