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Lets sweep house
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Dear Sirs: Thanks to the Editors for printing the recent letter "Throw the Rascals Out." The letter advocates and justifies throwing out the swelled ranks of self-loving politicians who have set the table where no American should be looking to the future with any degree of levity or optimism. The writer’s remarks were first-rate and expresses the opinions of millions of Americans. Politicians indeed are the vultures and we the carcass.

When we sweep house, let us begin with the 44th president. Indeed, his election is a great day of shame for America. The electorate turned away an American hero who fought for America for one who had done nothing.. er forget that this man voted twice to defund our troops while on the battlefield and now he is CIC.

J.P. Morgan, a prominent robber baron of the 19th and 20th century, once opined that a man always has two reasons for what he does, a good one and a real one. So far, Obama has attempted to become the law and prophet, thus creating violent hate and violent love from his minions. So far I have not gleaned any good behind his butchering the office he holds. No matter how hammered his monosyllabic words from the Teleprompter are read, nor how coaxingly he stares far above the heads of his dazed and confused audiences, the more obnubilated I become as to what he is doing and his motives.

I conclude that his catastrophic results in two years either come from a total naivete about how the world works, or he is deliberately trying to destroy our country.

Though it is doubtful we will throw the rascals out, there could be no better starting point than Barack Hussein Obama. Four more years of this confused novice, and his ace of the base Secretary of State, and our future will have been behind us.

Felton Hudson

Stone Mountain