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Just another speech
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Dear Editor: I was reading the news this week about the upcoming speech that President Obama would be giving to a joint session of Congress. I was listening to his speech to hear if there was going to be a public option in the bill and if there was going to be any middle ground on this. He and others seem to think that there is no health care reform without the public option, and to me it sounded like that has not changed. I did not see any middle ground. His speech did not seem like he was talking to a joint session of Congress, but like he was still campaigning. He sounded like he would like to go through with health care bill regardless of what the people think about it. If so, why not just open up health insurance to intrastate commerce, letting people buy their insurance like they buy their car insurance. You can buy your car insurance from a company in New York and live in Georgia and pay a lower price for you car insurance. If they passed a bill like that, that would lower the price of health insurance. Would that not be reform, and it would let capitalism work.