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Its a start
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Dear Editor: I have heard those who are against the Health Care Reform Bill carry on and on about how horrible it is. I agree that it is not the best it can be, but finally someone put something down on paper so that they can start somewhere and make changes to make it better. Before this bill, your health care coverage was run by the insurance industry that pays for your bills. Somehow, I would rather the government who is elected by the people of the United States be responsible than the companies who are trying to make a profit from my insurance premiums. I have also heard many comments made about how horrible Medicare is, but I would like to see how many of those individuals who are on Medicare or Medicaid opt to reject this coverage and go out and buy their own private insurance coverage. So, I am one of those people who have a nice insurance package through my employer, but I know many people from ages 23 to 61 who do not have any coverage and pray every night that they will not get sick or need to go to the hospital. You should not have to worry about getting sick and losing everything you have, and even those who have health care coverage under this great system that is in place now cannot pay the co-pays and the rest of the bills that insurance does not cover. So I am glad that someone finally addressed the problem, put it on paper and signed it into legislation so that those who don't have coverage will sleep a little better at night.