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Hometown complainer
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Dear Sirs: This letter is in response to (Nat Harwell's) recent column regarding gathering ammo and weapons to oppose trails in Newton County. As a common man who does uncommon things, I respectfully disagree with many of the column's conclusions.

Newton County is one of the leaders in Georgia in several unattractive categories such as: cigarette smokers, teenage pregnancy and obesity. As a physical therapist and athletic trainer I am on the frontlines of working to improve our community's fitness levels. Newton County will have a hard time attracting quality industry with the above leadership categories and rusty old abandoned railroad tracks. The common man and woman has a high percentage of common health ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. The list can go on and on. How can you so easily generalize the walking trail supporters as being small in number, and wrong in their desire to improve Newton's citizens' access to health and wellness venues. I will never stop being the uncommon man who volunteers endless hours to the Covington YMCA helping children become proficient swimmers. Many of those children would benefit from having a safe venue to walk and ride their bikes on. Those rusty old railroad tracks go right by the YMCA.

Newton needs more uncommon hometown heroes, not more common hometown complainers.

Mr. Harwell, I am sorry you are a common old man, who may not be as fit as you could be. Someday you may have more options for safe and healthy recreation here in Newton County.

Mr. Harwell, you should divert the energy you will use in gathering weapons and start working towards improving Newton County's health and wellness. Maybe the rusty old railroad track will never be put to good use, but it will never attract new industry, or intelligent, hard working, uncommon citizens.