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Heroes in the middle
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Dear Editor: I attended a town hall meeting Sept. 26 along with approximately 100 plus. The meeting was not in Covington but at Alcovy High School - this probably reduced the number of people because of the last minute scheduling.

Congressman Marshall of the 8th district of Georgia was aggressive and did insist on the crowd being respectful of others and himself when some did get loud. The range of questions was varied, but mostly the people seemed to be angry at the government for moving too fast and trying to pass legislation without good review by either the congress or the people. Also, the spending of unreal amounts of money that staggers the imagination of people who work for a living and do not have the power to take it from others was another concern.

Media in general has failed the public; they do not do enough investigative work when it comes to reporting on those who run for political office. They should do a good background check on the individual, covering their philosophy on politics, investigate their background and report on the civil and criminal records, but be sure to be fair. A 20-year-old conflict should not eliminate a life of service and good reports. Alas, an informed public will screw up because they use emotion rather than information when making a decision.

Mr. Marshall declares himself to be a Blue Dog Democrat or in his words just a little right of center. There are 52 Blue Dogs in the House and this is no majority but should they vote as a block this would certainly give them some clout. I am pretty sure that they could relocate 50 Republicans of like mind, and if they tried, this could be a movement away from far left and far right politics.

The Northeast and West Coast Progressives/Socialists currently control the government leaving the rest of the nation without any say. We must break the hold that the 20 percent of the left and the 20 percent of the right have on our government, but at this time they all seem to be comfortable in the chair with that big salary and the benefits. It's easier and safer to let someone else do the heavy lifting and all you have to do is vote when they tell you to. If someone had the guts to bring a movement, he would surely have 60 percent of Congress behind him and certainly 60 to 70 percent of the people. A new group is named for the majority, the Constitutional Patriots for Freedom Associates; we are not a party because we have not come to play or to interfere in you bedroom, doctor's office or religion. We will protect this nation, its people, the unborn and the incapable, use common sense and will not bankrupt the nation for votes.

Give us good investigative reporting on the politician's ability and his desire to do right by the U.S.A. Education is important, but I am not voting for another ivy league graduate; give me a po-dunk university graduate with honesty and a desire to do right by the U.S.A. and protect the individual. Ants work in communes and they do not have a desire to invent and prosper as an individual, but people do and the government and a few individuals are doing all they can to turn us into ants. The news media must help overcome this Hollywood worship syndrome so we can get good leaders. Fat chance.

The government has been hijacked by special interest and lobbyist leaving the 60 to 70 percent in the middle to follow along. I do not believe the majority would agree with the policy that these people propose. We need some heroes in the middle. Why can't they talk, plan and vote for the good of the people? I know; it's because of the rules set by the majority in charge. Hey that's it - the majority in charge; if they voted the corrupt out, then they would be in charge. I am looking for a hero in congress.