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Help the libraries
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Dear Sirs: Libraries are an important resource for many segments of our society, but especially for children and the less fortunate. In these hard economic times, they have become an important part of searching and applying for jobs as that function goes electronic.

Since the county is strapped for cash (no matter whose fault), we the people need to step up to the plate and insure the continuation of library services. There is a donation box on the corner of the circulation desk at the main library. Given the numbers quoted about how many people patronize the libraries, if each person who could afford it put $1 in that box each time they went to the library, there would be money for books.

Since some cannot afford it, if those who could afford it put in $2, then our library would have a good sum to get on with their business.

Stop whining and do something that you can do to help solve the problem.

Sheryl Christian, Covington