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Glorious capitalism
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Dear Editor: For those who say I voted and think that that is enough. It is not. It is like saying I attend church on Easter every year no matter what. You must do more to help yourself, your nation and your God.

Capitalism as practiced by the U.S.A. was responsible for defeating the Fascist/Nazi/Progressive/New Liberal/Socialist countries in Europe and Asia during World War I and World War II.

People in general have become lazy and will let another person do the work and then share in the rewards. Conservatives are as guilty of this as liberals. Look around and see how many people talk a good fight but run away when work is to be done. Have you attended any meetings to prepare for the coming elections. Are you becoming an informed voter by examining the records of the candidates. I don't mean 30-second sound bites. I believe the church has a responsibility to educate and inform the people of candidates and their stances on the issues. Has your church done this?

Most of the work of choosing a candidate is done before an election. The voter only gets to vote on the last person standing. So do not sit back and let the other guy choose your candidate.

Capitalism pushed the far left back in North Korea and failed in Vietnam when progressives in the U.S. decided not to win but to have a stalemate. The Progressives/New Liberals/Socialists rioted at the Chicago Convention in 1968, and I saw this as the end of the old Democratic Party. We forgot to keep an eye on our own country, and now the Progressive/Socialist evil has spread throughout our nation in colleges, the union work place, the Democratic Party and government in all areas.

If the informed people stay home in this election and continue to let emotions and the uninformed choose the candidates, then you do get the government we deserve. I, for one, have had enough of Harvard and Yale graduates for president. Just look at the mess we are in with the education and political experience. I would prefer a person with a sound (conservative) business background; no more pie in the sky for me.