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Give me a break
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Dear Editor: This week, there is in a local newspaper a real good article, about an additional increase in the homestead exemption for the property owner’s of Newton County, that is over 65 year’s old and has income of $25,000 or less per year, that will be on our Nov. 4 ballot for the senior’s of Newton County.

The article went on in detail, of how much it would cost each taxpayer of the county per year in additional tax. The article quoted our chief tax assessor Tommy Knight, as saying that it will cost each property owner from $10 to $11 a year.

So, now let’s take a look at an example of the cost and savings to the county tax payer’s. We know that the average age of the Newton tax payer is more than 35 year’s old, but let me show your reader’s of the saving that they will receive by voting yes on this ballot, in the long run.

The article went on to say that the saving’s for the senior’s would be about $100 per year. This of course is in additional to the tax break that has already been voted for on school taxes.

Paying additional $10 a year, at the age of 35, that means, that if they live in the county for the next 30 year’s till they are 65 year’s old, then if my math is right! Then each taxpayer will pay in their life time, $300 more in property taxes.

So, at the age of 65, and the senior’s additional tax break as mention above, (if voted in) will get their money back in just three year’s.

I think the question on the ballot should read, "Are you as a property owner of Newton County willing to pay an additional $10 each year, to give our senior citizen’s a break in their retirement year?