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Dear Editor: To stay informed, one needs to read the legal advertising, especially ads headed Public Notice. Otherwise, one would not know that Georgia's Environmental Protection Division intends to grant FiberVisions, a large plant on Alcovy Road in Covington, a "modification" to its Air Quality operating permit.

FiberVisions makes synthetic fabrics. Contaminated air is a by-product. The modification would allow FiberVisions to build four new extruders and release additional 3.6 tons of particulates annually into the air we breathe.

Citizens have until Aug. 29 to make a comment. The address is Air Protection Branch, 4224 International Parkway, Atlanta Tradeport, Suite 120, Atlanta, GA 30354. For more information, the telephone number is (404) 363-7000 and the website is If calling refer to Air Quality Operating Permit No. 2824-217-0020-V-02.

My letter, for one, is already in the mail.

Eva Sitton