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Electricity woes
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Dear Editor: I have a question that needs to be addressed by Snapping Shoals Electrical Company. When do you have your meetings and send your stock holders invitations to the meetings for those who wanted and needed to attend? Where are the minutes, notes or agendas discussed at the annual meetings?

Also when you are a stockholder in a company, you get dividends for being a stockholder in that company. Where are the stockholders' dividends in Snapping Shoals?

With the money that company makes from seniors and other persons who have to use their services, there should be a whole section on where the money went and what new developments there are to decrease our electricity bills.

The bottom line is that the majority of their customers are feeling the financial crunch of this "economic slow down" that amounts to an all-out depression.

Every three days there are pages of foreclosures in the county of Newton in The Covington News. Where is the up-beat news of new home sales or companies that are moving into the county instead of persons losing their homes.

Two years ago I bought a home for cash in Newton County. I did not do my homework as far as utility services offered in the county.

My electric bill has been $340 a month for the last year, and it ended with my electrical services being discontinued from June 26 to July 5, sending me to Newton Medical Center because I have had congestive heart failure since 1993 and been disabled since 1998 for hypertension and low blood sugar from heart failure. I lost two freezers of food and was completely unable to breathe for days; in fact I have been in the house since due to the hot weather.

If I had known what type of utility service I would receive in the county, I never would have bought a home here, much less paying cash for a total-electric home.