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Election coverage
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Dear Editor: In your paper dated Friday, June 29, 2012, you published your Election Season Policy, which stated you do not publish letters written specifically to promote the candidacy of individual candidates or to attack specific candidates on a personal level; this letter however raises some doubt as to what constitutes your conception of promoting or attacking individual candidates.

In your opinion column, an article written by your columnist William Perugino cast some doubt on your sincerity. In Perugino's article, he stated that Obama decided to terminate this act of Congress "S.B. 1070" in order to punish Arizona and ensure that their immigration-related phone calls are ignored; I am not sure how a columnist put such vitriol out except as a way to promote his own agenda and political beliefs.

A true journalist or columnist should only write the "true" facts of the issue in its entirety and let citizens arrive at their own conclusions, rather than the hype of a slanted article.

Donald D. Heaton