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Disappointed with SPLOST
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Dear Sir: How do you spell DISAPPOINTMENT…? (Clue) Newton County Board of Commissioners.

A few weeks ago I fulfilled my duty as a taxpayer by expressing my feelings regarding the proposed "Ewing Agenda" to members of the Newton County Board of Commissioners. With the exception of one outgoing commissioner they have the same fiscal mentality as those in Washington: None! Spend, tax, spend more and tax more!

Why do we need the Pork, or Earmarks as some call these pet projects? We may need a new Fire Station, a Judicial Center expansion or the ER expanded at Newton Medical Center but we do not need $1.1 million for unspecified projects in Commissioner Henderson’s District Four, nor do we need an Agriculture Center in Commissioner Mort Ewing’s district.

I agree with Commissioner Nancy Schulz, we need to pay down our debt, but my fear is with all the PET projects (PORK) the SPLOST will not pass in March. Most municipalities in the county have pared down their wish list to projects they need rather than those they want, but with the Commissioners vote last evening those projects may be in jeopardy.