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Dear Chief Cotton,
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Recently, our company was the victim of a crime that resulted in a significant loss. When the crime was discovered, we contacted the Covington Police Department and the case was assigned to Detective Jeff Bruno.

This was a case of identify theft, which is often difficult to detect and the culprits are even more difficult to apprehend. Restitution is rare. Fortunately, our employees are trained to take certain safeguards, and in this instance their alertness provided some information that helped identify one or more of the suspects.

Within days of our complaint, Detective Bruno advised that he had identified some of the suspects and that one individual’s family was anxious to make immediate restitution to our company, with the hope that doing so would lessen the punishment.

Too often we are quick to complain about our law enforcement agencies and slow to acknowledge the work that they do. It is important that we remember that protecting our community from crime is a partnership between the citizens and the police.

Please convey to Detective Bruno and the other men and women in the Covington Police Department our appreciation for their service to our community.

Jerry Roseberry,

President, Monroe Power Equipment