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Current administration 'dysfunctional'
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Dear Editor: Well, the previous administration of the city of Covington led by Kim Carter was the most dysfunctional I can remember. But now, the current administration is running a close second.

Let’s remember the mayor and council hired a firm to find a city manager. There were 98 applicants to which 10, then another 10 were whittled down to the “top three.” Two of the “top three” are current city employees. They are well educated — a master’s degree in public administration, a finance degree — and the city council cannot make a decision?

Some council members have a problem because some members are friends and business associates of the two finalists — what the hell does that matter — the entire council came up with those two of three from the pool of 98. I would think Frank Turner and Steve Horton had friends on the city council when they were appointed.That did not seem to impair their judgment.

In The Covington News, Wednesday, Jan. 30, edition, was a letter from Bob, asking all political bodies to do better regarding looking after “friends” and not the public…well, someone close to him, and the former mayor did their fair share of “looking after friends,” so maybe we don’t want to go there.

The Newton County School Board in the past has not promoted from within and you know the mess they got themselves into! So whether it comes down to the councilmen not agreeing with the councilwomen, the white not agreeing with the black or the black not agreeing with the white, or whatever the hell the reason they cannot make a decision, it is time to move forward and hire a city manager at the Feb. 4, meeting.

I nominate Mr. Craig Treadwell for he is well educated, impeccably dressed, well spoken and in six months time, you’ll never know he was new at the job.

Fred Harwell