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Concerned about EMT service?
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Dear Editor: I am concerned about our ambulance service in Newton County. I have lived here all my life, and let me say we have the best EMTs that can be found. I have been a diabetic for over 37 years, and there were times when my wife would call 911 to get me help. This happens with all diabetics from time to time, and the EMTs have gone above and beyond to help me as well as others. My wife called them a few nights ago because my sugar had dropped and she could not wake me. They came and got my situation worked out, doing a great job. After everything was done, we were told that we would receive a bill for $75, a new charge because of the hard times we are having, and all patients that didn’t go to the hospital would be charged.

 I know things are hard, but we were shocked. We own property, we pay our taxes for these services and now we find out that we have to pay when there is an emergency. Yes, everyone is hurting and trying to survive and $75 for most of us is hard to come by. I told my wife and children that if I had low blood sugar again, not to call 911 and just do what they can and pray I don’t die. Most people are having to scrape to get by, and now when we have an emergency, if we don’t have $75, we are out of luck. The EMTs are great; they even hesitated when we had to sign the bill. They just do their job and do it well, but be warned that if you call them and don’t get transported, you will be charged, which means the emergency room will be full because insurance won’t pay the $75 if you don’t go to the hospital.

 It’s a no-win situation and I just thought that the taxpayers of Newton County should be aware.

The Rev. Tim Walden Sr.