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Christianity and the election
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Dear Editor: My name is Matthew Ozburn, and I am a senior in high school. I am writing today to express my concern in the diminishing Biblical values in our country.

I believe that Biblical values and morals are what make America the great country it is. The problem is, over the past couple of years I have paid more attention to what is going on across the nation and it concerns me.

I think that if America does not turn back to the morals and standards it was founded on, that we may head down a very dangerous path.

It does not matter who gets elected on Nov. 6, what matters is if We, the People will take responsibility and stand up for our rights to express the religious views of our Founding Fathers - that is what will make the difference. The first amendment talks about our "Freedom of Religion" not "Freedom from Religion." I do not think it is a coincidence, since prayer and Bible reading were removed from schools (in 1962), that the teen pregnancy rate has gone up 500 percent.

The divorce rate is so high that most children do not know what it is like to have a mother and a father. I may be just a senior in high school, but I am smart enough to know that these statistics are not a good trend, and that they do not have a good influence on children, the future of America.

I am not saying we need to force Christianity and the Bible on people, but we just need to understand the values and morals that they give us. If these are the values that built this nation and kept it going, then why should we change what has been working efficiently for so long?