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Careless accidents
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Dear Editor: Just as we should hold accountable public services when they do not perform to standard or satisfaction, we should also commend them when they perform their duties in an exceptional fashion. The latter applies in this case.

On Sunday, July 19, at 7 p.m. I was driving south on the Bypass in front of Covington Place. A dog entered the road and the cars in front of me slowed. I also slowed as did the car behind me. As I cleared the dog, I started to accelerate. Unfortunately the driver of the vehicle two cars behind me was on her cell phone, did not slow, and crushed the back end of the car behind me. I immediately pulled over and called 911.

While I was checking on the car behind me and still speaking with 911, the first deputy arrived on scene (less than two minutes). By the time I got to the second vehicle, the first ambulance was there (less than four minutes). Within seven minutes there were at least three NCSO vehicles, two ambulances, and 3 fire trucks on scene and attending to everyone, clearing traffic, and taking statements. Fortunately the two children, ages 6 and 9, that were in the vehicle struck were not seriously injured, but the EMTs attended to them caringly and took them to the hospital. A heartfelt "great job" is due to all of the officers, firemen, and EMTs involved for promptly and professionally responding to the situation.

Secondly, this accident never should have occurred nor those children endangered. Several times a week in front of my business on Ga. Highway 142 there is an accident due to people speeding and not watching the car in front of them slowing to enter the Wellington apartments. Trucks are constantly locking up their brakes. Regardless of your driving habits, please remember that when you have kids in your vehicle, buckle them up, use a car seat and drive carefully. If these kids were not buckled in, Lord knows what would've happened. And if you do not have kids in your car, remember that others do - don't drink and drive and watch the road. I cannot imagine a worse guilt than injuring or murdering a child due to my own negligence.