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Brown Bridge Road
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Dear Editor: Due to the 2010 census our commission district lines were redrawn and this added more than 3,000 new constitutients to the fourth district.

While visiting in the fourth district, introducing myself to new constitutients, time after time I was asked a question about doing something about the deadly shoulder on Brown Bridge Road.

This is the area where one of our Newton County citizens lost a life. Some of my constitutients told me that on this particular section of Brown Bridge Road nothing had been done in years.

On Tuesday, Aug. 7th I addressed the board during the commissioner's comments portion of the meeting and requested that the county engineer review the problem and make a recommendation to the board as to what could be done to make the road safer, so that, hopefully, no more lives would be lost. I requested a progress report, and at our meeting on Aug. 21, Chairman Morgan reported that radar signs had been ordered for that portion of Brown Bridge Road.

In closing, if you have any concerns or comments please contact me, your senior fourth district commissioner, at (770)866-3621.

J.C. Henderson
Commissioner, District 4