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Biblical perspective on politics
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Dear Editor: I am appreciative of the recent column of Jason Dees for his biblical perspective of healing our political bitterness and divisions. Clearly, someone needs to say something about a true healing effort after the heat and emotion of the election we have just completed. The last decade has been an endurance test not for a few but all Americans. We endured 9/11, two costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and suffered the Great Recession. These endurances should remind us that we're all in this soup together - right wing or moderate or left wing - Democrat or Republican. And I trust that most of us are worn out with vitriolic political ads or media columns which border on hate-mongering and scapegoating, name calling and finger pointing. Perhaps we can finally be done with all that.

Our Constitution preamble suggests we transcend party identity as people committed to form a more perfect Union, to establish Justice, to insure domestic tranquility, to provide for a common defense and the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The challenge is whether we and our elected leaders take these words to heart in these very difficult times of decision-making and preservation.

There's a lot we may be divided over, but such pales sharply with those things we are not divided over, namely, the recovery of our American public good and our biblical stance for peace and justice in this great country and throughout the world. So let us remember and believe.

Larry Kennon, Covington