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Agreeing with Mr. Harwell
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Dear Editor: I can only guess that reader Ron Slade’s smoking letter to the editor was in response to Nat Harwell’s article on the number of months remaining for President Obama’s (hopefully one term) in office. Containing his anger as he composed his missive must have left Mr. Slade with his wits caught down and sudden memory loss with what the object of his frustration (President Bush) had to deal with during his two terms in office.

 Could it be possible that his assessment of Bush failed to recollect that we were attacked by terrorists who would have killed every person in New York City, indeed the United States, if they could have, and hit with the most destructive meteorological disasters in history?

Could his blind hatred have made him miss that Bush was under continual attacks by partisan Democrats (who would not collectively make a pimple on Bush’s rear-end) intent on only destroying his presidency — even while we had our very best in the field of battle dying for us.

 And as Slade attacks any and everything about President Bush, he now stands strong in support of a man who we really know nothing about and, as far as I can tell, has done no heavy lifting for our country to begin to deserve the presidency, let alone warrant our total and blind support. The sheets in the White House have not all been changed and Obama has set us on a graveyard spiral course to hock and put in jeopardy our entire economic system that has served this nation well for so long.

 I hope that Obama does not have to deal with the myriad problems that President Bush had forced on him. But should he, let us pray that he has the fortitude, wisdom and statesmanship to deal with them in the dignified and resolute manner that President Bush exemplified. When the dust settles on President Bush’s presidencies, he will be given much higher marks than the Marxist element that has captured the once great Democratic Party, the liberal media and Slade.

Felton Hudson
Stone Mountain