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A turn lane is a better option
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Dear Editor: The roundabout to be built for Turner Lake is a project to be paid for in part by stimulus money, paid by taxpayers of the United States, Georgia, Newton County and Covington.

I have some questions and concerns. How many roundabouts are there in the U.S.? How many in the Southeast? How many in Georgia? What is their safety record in the U.S.? What is their safety record as opposed to two lanes and a traffic signal? How efficient are roundabouts as opposed to two lanes and a traffic signal?

What is the difference in cost in constructing a roundabout to two lanes and a traffic signal? How many drivers in this area have knowledge of the concept and the ability to enter and exit one safely. Does the driver's examination for the state of Georgia cover proper procedures for driving through a roundabout. If drivers are not trained or familiar with the use of a roundabout and an accident occurs, who is liable?

Have you ever come to a four-way stop and saw drivers who don't have a clue? Now picture a roundabout. Remember Chevy Chase in European Vacation?

Am I the only one who considers this an insane idea, a waste of money and resources when a turn lane and traffic signal would be in all likelihood safer, more efficient and economical, even if not as chic.