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A new signal
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Dear Editor: I have read about the coming improvements for Newton County's roadways being funded with the $26 million dollars of stimulus money. A few of the projects are sorely needed to help ease congestion and improve quality of life, including the improvements to the US 278/Ga. 142 intersection and the traffic signal at Salem and Spring roads. I question the wisdom of the proposed roundabout at Turner Lake and Clark streets, but that's a question for another day.

I propose another traffic issue that has needed to have been addressed for 10 years. A traffic signal needs to be installed on GA. Highway 36, at the intersection of Flat Shoals and Henderson Mill Roads. During morning and evening rush hours, it is virtually impossible to cross over Ga. Highway 36 in either direction - not to mention to enter or exit Henderson's Grocery Store and Henderson's Catfish restaurant. I have seen numerous accidents at these crossroads over the 16 years I've lived here, causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of property damage and untold injuries.

It's past time to prioritize improvements in this neglected area of Newton County. I sincerely hope the commissioners will take heed to this letter and take a stand for public safety.