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The real causes of global warming
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It's one of those things that makes you go, huh?

A study of global warming, partially funded by an organization that pooh-poohs the idea, determined that the rise in surface temperature of the Earth is a reality.

The physicist, Richard Muller, studying the world's surface temperature started out as a skeptic of global warming but after examining the evidence determined the temperature is indeed rising.

Acknowledging the results of his study doesn't make him a flip-flopper but someone who examines the facts and changes a position based on new information.

This means Mr. Muller can never run for public office.

It would take a complete half-wit, Gov. Rick Perry notwithstanding, not to accept the idea that global warming is a reality.

Every reputable scientist acknowledges the fact the Earth has gone through cycles of warming and cooling and the geological record supports this position.

This issue has been how much industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels has contributed to the current warming cycle. Some say the effect of burning fossil fuels is a major contributor while others maintain the effect is negligible.

That issue has not been resolved to everyone's satisfaction and will likely remain a source of debate.
But since the temperature is rising perhaps we should look for a whole range of causes beyond the fossil fuel debate.

Perhaps some of the problem rests with our friend the cow. It has long been known that cows produce a certain amount of gas into the atmosphere but no one has done a study to determine if our bovine friends could be responsible for global warming.

Should evidence suggest cows are the culprit then I will be happy to help ease the problem by grilling more steaks.
Another contributor could be Frat Boys. After a beer and nacho party, or the Georgia-Florida game, Frat Boys can sometime experience serious gastrointestinal issues. While this may not add to global warming it certainly impacts the 9 a.m. history class, should any of them get up in time to attend.

Talk radio hosts no doubt contribute a lot of noxious gas into the atmosphere but since most of these folks are locked up in a small room and seldom experience the real world I don't know how much blame we can place on them. Of course, breathing their own fumes might explain a few things.

The Occupy Wall Street folks may be having an impact. Although they are new to the scene since they don't seem to know what they are doing, and no one agrees on how much impact anything has on global warming, it would appear to be a perfect fit.

Tea Party rhetoric could be a contributor but there is no way of knowing for sure because global warming and big guvmint don't mix.

Given that we are in an election cycle (aren't we always?) it would seem politicians are the most likely and logical culprit of global warming.

The gases being spewed into the air by everyone running for office probably do more damage to the atmosphere than a coal-fired furnace. You have to wonder if the horrible drought and blistering hot weather in Texas and the fact Perry is the governor are not somehow related.

The bottom line is more study is needed on global warming and its causes. And if we find elements of our civilization are major contributors and are doing us long term harm, then it is incumbent upon us to deal with them and not peddle them off to future generations.

If politicians turn out to be a cause, there isn't much we can do.

At least we can eat the cows.

Ric Latarski is a freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics and can be reached at