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The end of the war in Iraq
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It is fitting that President Obama is ending the war in Iraq. President Kennedy (D) got us into Vietnam and President Nixon (R) got us out. President Bush (R) got us into Iraq, and President Obama (D) will get us out.

After all these years, deaths, injuries, billions if not trillions spent, did you know that our leaving Iraq didn't make the top ten "hot" stories on CNN? What does that say about us as a people that we don't care any more for our fighting forces than that?

Make no mistake, I think the war in Iraq was based on false pretenses so then President Bush could go to war with someone. Saddam Hussein had the misfortune to be a former American puppet who had gone off the rails as it were.

But, having committed our forces, even if for dishonest reasons, we need to make sure our elected officials don't lose sight of them. Or decide that other problems are more important. To make sure whatever cost our armed services pay, that it has been worth it.

Has it been worth it? Within two or three years of our leaving, Iraq will either be a dictatorship or a failed state like Somalia. Is that what we get for orphans, the dead and/or wounded, bleeding cash to favored contractors and the like?

Not the fault of the military. The military is for fighting wars, not building governments.

This is at least the third pointless war in my lifetime. Let's don't have another. Next time, the administration, both houses of Congress and the lobbyists go with our armed forces. And stay until everyone comes home again.

Should have better planning when the decision makers are going and staying in harm's way. Should make for shorter wars as well.

Patrick Durusau is a Covington resident.