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PIEDRAHITA: Ice cream is delicious any time of day or night
Dorothy Piedrahita
Dorothy Piedrahita

In your mind’s eye, picture a bowl of your favorite ice cream. 

Decades ago ice cream was made at home. For some of us who remember the taste of “home made ice cream,” that taste is almost unforgettable. I know I can’t forget.

Each starting in 1966, our  family would have a reunion in the yard of one of our relatives. My Aunt Bessie, was the family ice cream maker.  She would make the most delicious freeze ice cream in a wooden ice cream maker, which had a hand crank on it. Aunt Bessie mostly turned the crank herself. Sometimes my cousins and I would turn the crank, but not often. Aunt Bessie would say, “You aren’t turning the crank right.” We would have so much fun on those hot Southern Saturdays.

If you are someone who uses ice cream for the pure enjoyment of the taste, you  are among millions or billions of people who feel as you do.

I have read in the Harvard Crimson an op ed about “The Ice Metaphor.” The ice cream metaphor “has developed a mind of its own. It’s been used to negotiate and desire, contemplate the balance between complacency and taking a risk for success, and — of course —free will and determination.” After my research, I had no idea you could learn so much about ice cream.

However, not to continue to write and sound boring, ice cream for me is just one of the perfect desserts. Good any time of the day or night.

Ice cream history is exciting. China introduced it to the Western world by Italy and made it accessible to the general public by France.

It is known Alexander the Great (352-323) enjoyed snow ice shaving.

Ice cream is high in sugar, calories and filled with additives. Ice cream can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet if consumed occasionally and in moderation.

Dubai has the most expensive ice cream in the world. It costs $817 a scoop. This dessert is called “Black Diamond.” That was the price as of April 15, 2015.

Ice cream in the beginning was consumed by elites.

Ice cream, frozen yogurt, Sorbet, Kulfi, soft serve, ice cones, gelato and rolled ice cream are only a few of the frozen desserts we all enjoy. Any time of the year, around the world.

Oh! I forgot to list ice cream cakes. 

There are tricks to making great ice cream. Ice cream is irresistible at birthday parties.

I had a party in my mouth writing this column. Go now! Buy ice cream, ride to an ice cream shop or make it. Either way, get your own party in your mouth.

Dorothy Piedrahita is a Covington resident who has worked as an activist and in government and business throughout her career.