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Johnston: I'm here to burst your bubble
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Dear City of Covington Residents,

I will be the first to admit how easy it can be to become comfortable in your daily life and decide to ‘put it on auto-pilot.’ If we are being honest, we can admit we have all done it. Maybe we don’t follow the exercise routine we originally set out to. Maybe we get tired of putting effort into cooking healthy meals for dinner and go for the easy route of eating out all the time or getting carry out. My point is it’s easy to grow comfortable with daily routines. It takes effort and energy to challenge our minds and bodies, but that challenge is what makes us better people, both mentally and physically.

The same thought process applies to our responsibilities as citizens. I think the quality of life in Covington is terrific, but if we want to improve it we all have to step outside of our comfort zones. We need to pop the safe haven or bubble we are surrounded by. We have to open our eyes to the world around us.

Being your Mayor required me to burst my safety bubble in a major way and I am so thankful I was forced to do it. I have had the pleasure of interacting with people of all income and education levels and of every race, religion and political persuasion imaginable. Interacting with such a diverse group of people has taught me so much about this community’s history, people and culture. Those things are truly the strength of Covington.

My wife Kelley and I had our kids in private schools before we came to Covington. When we moved to this great city, we decided to step out of our comfort zone, into the unknown and let them attend public schools. Our kids have thanked us for having the courage to make that decision because they got as much of an education interacting with their classmates and teachers as they did from the curriculum laid out for them. They stepped outside of what was comfortable and it will have a positive impact on them for the rest of their lives.

How can you burst your bubble and step outside of your safe zone? The easiest way to have your eyes opened is to drive around Covington. Drive to areas you have never been. Drive to areas that make you a little uncomfortable. Look at how other people live. It might make you thankful for what you have or it might motivate you to work for a higher standard of living. It could do both at the same time.

The other thing you can do is be open minded. When you hear of a proposed improvement project or of a way your tax dollars are going to be spent, think about how it will impact everyone, not just yourself. It might not have a major effect on you but could be life changing for someone else. So, before you form an opinion, think about other citizens and what it means for them.

Lastly, you have a voice. Whether or not you choose to use your voice is up to you, but you do have one. Positive or negative, I’d love to hear your voice. New ideas take courage and they are often criticized, but remember that all great things start with an idea and a discussion. I think it all starts with you bursting your bubble.
I always welcome and enjoy your feedback and ideas. Please send me an email at or give me a call at 770-262-1001. I’d love to hear from you.

Ronnie Johnston