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Jett: What you say can and will be quoted
Caitlin Jett

First, let me start off by saying I am a journalist — defined as someone who gathers, assesses and writes the news — and I am in no way out to get anyone.

Now that is said, if you say something on a public platform (or on the record to me), do not get mad at me when I quote you. You said it, so own up to it. 

If you realized what you said was a mistake and make the decision to request removal of the quote, I have the choice to act upon that request. I decide if what you said was important enough to keep, and if it was, it will not be removed. I will not erase history.

We all make mistakes; I get that. If I make a mistake, it is broadcasted to a community. Most of the time, my mistakes cannot be immediately fixed by a simple online edit, and I own up to them. I have no way of making my mistakes disappear by removing them, which is why if I tell you 'no' when you ask for a removal, it is because I hold you to the same standards as myself. 

So next time you think about posting on a public forum or speaking at a public event, remember what you say can and will be quoted.

Caitlin Jett is the staff writer at The Covington News. Her email is Twitter: @caitie_jett.