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Hice: Standing up for the unborn
Congress takes action to promote a culture of life
Jody HIce
Jody Hice

WASHINGTON — The right to life is one of the most primary and fundamental rights we, as human beings, share. Without this right, there can be no right to liberty or to the pursuit of happiness. As many of you know, I have dedicated much of my time both in Congress and as a pastor to promoting a culture of life.

Forty-five years ago, the Supreme Court issued its disheartening decision on the Roe v. Wade case. This weekend, thousands of teachers, students, pastors, priests and families from every corner of our country are marching in an annual protest from the National Mall to the Supreme Court, calling for an end to abortion once and for all. These demonstrations are vital toward continuing our opposition, making our voices heard and strengthening our fortitude.

Taking action to protect the lives of our most vulnerable is not just important; it’s the right thing to do. Being pro-life isn’t about being Republican or Democrat. It’s about protecting those 10 fingers, 10 toes and one precious heartbeat of a child that deserves life.

I’m confident our community activism and commitment will go a long way toward making abortion a thing of the past.

This Congress, I’m proud the House has passed several bills to promote the cause for life, including House Resolution 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, and H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would stop all abortions from taking place after 20 weeks — the age at which it is understood that children begin to feel pain.

Furthermore, I’m very pleased the Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act included language that defunds Planned Parenthood, a morally bankrupt institution known to have sold the body parts of aborted babies.

In addition to those measures, this week, the House brought yet another protection for the unborn to the floor: the Born Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act. This important legislation will ensure babies born during an abortion procedure will receive the same degree of professional care to save that child’s life as any other child born alive at the same age would receive. The stories of these young children who are born living during these procedures and then denied treatment are heartbreaking and horrific, and I, along with my colleagues in Congress, will work to stop these inhumane actions.

I firmly believe life is our Creator’s most precious gift, and one of my most important responsibilities as your representative is to defend and safeguard the unborn. My commitment to life is absolutely steadfast because every human life is valuable and worthy of protection.

Jody Hice represents the 10th District of Georgia in Congress, including part of Newton County. He is a Republican from Greene County. Online: