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Giddens: Help us get into your business
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We want to get into your business here at The Covington News.

To that end, we’re starting a new feature, a business page, beginning Friday.

We’re kicking it off with a behind-the-scenes look at General Mills from Business Reporter Gabe Khouli as he talks with several workers about one of the perks of employment there, a chance to taste test its products.

There’s more to it than munching on Chex or Cheerios straight from the box, and there’s no milk involved. Gabe will explain the process.

We’ll also launch a feature called Behind the Counter. Each week, we’ll profile someone on the job in Newton County. You’ll learn about what they do, why they do that job, how they came into that particular field, and what it’s like to do that kind of work.

You can also expect a roundup of what’s happening at businesses across Newton County, business license information, listings on promotions and new hires, announcements on openings and reports on closings.

We’ll have some columnists commenting on local business trends and offering advice from time to time as well.

You’ll still find breaking business news throughout the week on our website,, and in other print editions of our product, but we want to make the Friday Business Page a must-read for a more detailed look at commerce in Newton County.

To that end, we need your help. Know of a business opening or closing? Have you earned a promotion or changed your work responsibilities? Have you made a new hire at your office? Would you or someone you know make a great subject for a Behind the Counter profile?

Let us know. Send Business Page listing information or suggestions to, or send information or notes by regular mail to Tharon Giddens, The Covington News, 1166 Usher St. N.W., Covington, GA 30014.


The Rabbit

Effect, Part III

I shared with you at New Year’s that I try to say ‘rabbit’ first thing on the first of the month for good luck, and ate my greens and black-eyed peas, too. The next week, Donna and I turned $30 in scratch-off Georgia Lottery tickets into $60 in winnings. We in turn cashed that in for more tickets, and our run continued, with a payoff of $130. We have yet to cash it in, though. We’re torn on whether to take the cash and call it quits or putting it into more tickets. The sensible thing would be to keep the cash, but then stupidity can be a powerful siren, one whose call I’ve answered way too many times. Stay tuned.


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