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David Carroll announces new book release
David Carroll book
David Carroll's fourth book, “I Won’t Be Your Escape Goat,” is "all humor," according to Carroll. - photo by Special Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. – David Carroll, whose weekly column is featured in this newspaper, has published his fourth book, “I Won’t Be Your Escape Goat,” which was released this week. 

David Carroll
David Carroll - photo by Special Photo

Carroll, whose column is featured in 52 newspapers in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, says, “This book is all humor, 100 percent. A few years back, I began collecting and compiling the funny mistakes we all make on social media, text messages, church bulletins, and even signs in stores and on the highway. I included these in several columns, and the response was tremendous. People told me I could fill up a book with them, and make people laugh. So that’s what I did.”

“I Won’t Be Your Escape Goat” is subtitled “David Carroll’s Ho Made Social Media Blunders,” based on a handmade sign he saw advertising Ho Made Apple Cider. “Some of these funny mistakes are caused by spellcheck, AutoCorrect and voice to text,” he said, “and others are just because some of us didn’t pay enough attention in school!”

The book includes illustrations and cover art by Mike Salter. “Mike’s artwork adds a whole new dimension to the book,” Carroll said. “His illustrations make it even funnier.”

“Now seems like a good time to share these laugh-out-loud bloopers, all in one place. We’ve all gone through a rough few years, and when I shared these in my columns, or during my public speaking events, people laughed a lot. We need more laughter today, and I guarantee you this book will provide a lot of it,” Carroll said. “If you like to laugh, or know someone who could use a smile or two, my new book is the perfect gift to yourself or someone else.”

The book was published by Fresh Ink Press, and information on how to order is on Carroll’s website, It is priced at $19.95 plus $5 shipping. It can also be ordered by mail by sending a check to David Carroll at 900 Whitehall Road, Chattanooga, TN 37405. All books are personally autographed by the author.

David Carroll is a longtime radio and TV broadcaster in Chattanooga who anchors the evening news on WRCB Local 3. You may contact him at