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Clemons: From their first meeting, she knew this day would come
Celebrating my sister and new brother-in-law
Dixon and Katie
Dixon Milner and Katie Clemons get their marriage certificate Friday, Dec. 1, 2017, in Dallas. - Contributed photo

Join me, won’t you, in congratulating my baby sister and her new husband on two days of wedded bliss.

Anna Katherine Clemons and Dixon James Milner were married Friday night, capping a courtship that began like no other.

Back in 2014, Katie was out on the town in Dallas with her roommate when they happened to be in a — restaurant? We’ll say restaurant, as that’s more genteel than bar — where a wedding party also was celebrating someone else’s nuptials.

My sister, you must know, has never met a stranger. Where I am one of the world’s great introverts, a person for whom the phrase “We’re going to play a little icebreaker game” is the innermost circle of hell, Katie is charming and outgoing.

High school activities? I worked for the local paper covering my classmates’ football games. She was a cheerleader.

So it wasn’t terribly out of character that night in Uptown for Katie to tell Dixon, in the first words either had spoken to the other, that they should go ahead and make the pictures for their “save the date” cards since he was already dressed up.

Dixon, credit to him, thought it was funny. Maybe he was more intrigued at this cute blonde who would open with such a line. Heck if I know the reason, but he played along. Katie’s roommate snapped a picture and posted it to Instagram, then Katie painted the picture of their elaborate wedding in New Orleans.

The conversation went from there, and never really stopped. That’s the best kind of conversation — the kind with laughter, and hopes, and dreams.

She loved that he’s an “SEC boy.” Katie went to Alabama and is as rabid a Tide fan as you’ll find. Dixon pulls for the Texas Longhorns but at least appreciates the culture of the Southeastern Conference, having a degree from Vanderbilt. (Hey, being a graduate of everyone’s second-favorite SEC team counts.)

They have agreed not to discuss the national championship game following the 2009 season, the one where Alabama beat Texas after UT’s starting quarterback, Colt McCoy, got hurt in the first quarter. (Texas fans blame everything from that game to global warming on Colt McCoy getting hurt.) A relationship has to know its limits. And I’m going to be a good brother-in-law and not bring up such unpleasantries.

These kinds of things are always emotional roller-coasters for a family. I remember my own wedding, 15 years ago this month, in some ways like it was yesterday and in others like it was a lifetime ago. There’s excitement, and nostalgia, and frustration over family members who just won’t do what they’re supposed to do.

As of the time I’m sitting down to write, my thoughts are more about anticipation of a bright future.

I’m getting an awesome brother-in-law, and maybe a niece or nephew one day too.

Whoa, though. I’m getting ahead of myself. Before those awesome genes are passed on, we celebrate, in New Orleans, just as Katie predicted.

David Clemons is the editor and publisher of The Covington News. His email address is Follow him on Twitter.