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BRIDGES: What will Election Day outcome bring to divided country?
Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges

The event which we’ll see millions of Americans participate is now less than two weeks away.

The 2020 General Election is certainly at hand as early voting has begun with large turnouts in most areas. In Georgia, at least, there have been few reports of any issues with the early voting process which is certainly a positive.

While there are many important races on the general election ballot, the contest which is certainly driving the bus has to be the presidential contest.

Our country is as divided as ever. It can be argued we are more divided now than any time since the Civil War. The Vietnam War split our country as well but what we are seeing in 2020 is somewhat unprecedented.

There is going to be approximately half of the country very upset when election night comes to a conclusion. One can only hope it will all be over by the morning of Nov. 4 but who knows. Even a repeat of what happened in 2000 is going to be more fuel onto an already burning fire.

The rhetoric in our country has gotten ugly. It’s a “you are either for us or against us” and it goes for those on both sides of the political aisle. Those on one side see their candidate as 100 percent right on every issue. The other side believes the same thing for their candidate. Both sides view the other as 100 percent wrong.

Rallies dealing with various issues have become heated and even violent. How in the world did we get to this point? It’s dependent upon whom you ask. Ask those on the right and they will quickly tell you it is all the left’s fault. Ask those who lean left and they will quickly and loudly respond it is all President Trump’s fault.

So-called “news” media outlets have also contributed. With talk show hosts giving their opinions on a daily basis many viewers have the wrong impression they are watching a newscast.

Those who still have a rational thought process realize the actual fault lies with both sides of the two-headed political monster that dominates this country. Some die-hard supporters of both the major political parties and the candidates representing them have gotten to the point where they are willing to fight you if you disagree.

It’s become somewhat dangerous to even express who you are for. Numerous people have reported signs expressing support for the candidate of their choice stolen from their yard. Even when the sign is replaced, it quickly disappeared again.

One person I know said not only was their sign stolen but the thief urinated on their front door to further drive home the point that the wrong candidate was being supported. In reality, it showed that some people are such idiots that they are likely a lost cause.

Which brings us to the outcome on election night. Will this powder keg of an election explode into violence? Typically, this is not the case. Even in the disputed 2000 election the battle was fought mainly by elected supporters of the two candidates and teams of lawyers.

I’m not sure things are going to be as calm post-election this time around. People are angry in this country. They are angry about many things. They firmly believe their side is right and the other side is wrong. There is no middle ground.

It’s going to take a special president to bring our country back together. In reality, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. Regardless of who wins on Nov. 3, half of our country is going to mad and crying foul over the outcome. The groundwork has already been set by both sides.

Yet we are so divided right now that even a health crisis has turned political. People don’t take stock in what doctors and scientists are telling us. They would rather believe what the political of their choice says, even if it goes directly against the doctors and scientists.

We can only hope that things don’t turn violent after the final votes are counted. We’ve had too much violence in recent months. 

My advice for the side which loses the presidential race is simple. Just begin working for 2024.

Chris Bridges is a former sports editor for The Walton Tribune and The Covington News. You can email comments about this column to