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Youngsters cause explosion
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A man reportedly told a Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy Monday that a group of juvenile boys were making explosives in his neighborhood.

A deputy responded to a home on Willow Springs Drive and spoke with a man who said juveniles were using improvised explosive devices. According to the report, the man said he was at his home and noticed the boys in the roadway.

He told the deputy that one of them had what appeared to be an oil bottle. The man said the juvenile poured something into the bottle and sealed it, and caused an explosion.

There were no details on the ages of the boys, and the case is under investigation.

Pitbull bites police officer
A Covington police officer was bitten by a pitbull last week when he tried to free the dog’s paw from a chain. The officer responded Nov. 22 to a home on Lakeview Drive, in reference to an animal problem.

The officer talked to a boy, identified as “Daniel,” who said a dog in a pen behind the house had its paw caught in a chain. The red nose pitbull was lying on the ground with its left hind paw stuck in a clip that attached the chain to its collar.

After trying to free the dog for several minutes, the report said, the officer held the dog by the collar and Daniel tried to pull the dog’s paw from the chain. The report said the dog then began to get very aggressive and twisted around its collar and bit the officer’s left forearm.

The officer then reportedly held the collar with his left hand and used his right hand to remove the dog from his arm by opening its mouth. In the process, the dog bit the middle finger of the officer’s right hand.

After the officer was freed from the dog, he and the juvenile were able to remove the dog’s paw from the chain. The officer reported that after the dog’s paw was freed, the animal showed no signs of aggression.

The officer was able to drive himself to the Newton Medical Center for treatment.

Breaking ties
A woman was reportedly hit in the eye with a cellphone while trying to break off a relationship with a man.

An officer with the Covington Police Department responded to a home on Griffin Lane Sunday in reference to an assault call.

According to the report, a woman told an officer that a man she had been seeing threw a cellphone at her and hit her in the eye.

She said the man came to her house to have a conversation about their relationship. But, when the woman asked him to take his personal items out of her home, the man became agitated, grabbed her phone and threw it at her, striking her right eye, the report said.