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Woman suffers head injuries
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A Covington man was arrested for simple battery, after police noticed a woman walking down the street with a lump on her head and a bloody mouth Thursday afternoon.

The officer stopped his car and spoke with the woman, who was walking in the area of Spring and Corley streets. She was holding a tissue to her head and was unsteady on her feet. The officer could see abrasions that looked like "severe carpet burn" on the left side of her face, and the area beside her left eye was swollen and beginning to bruise. She also had blood on her teeth and in her mouth.

According to reports, the woman was "visibly upset." She told the officer she was jumped, but initially refused to say by whom, because she "didn’t want to get him in trouble."

Eventually she told the officer the man she lived with on Spring Street, Danny Stephens, had caused the marks. She didn’t, however, want him arrested and couldn’t make a statement "because she could not read or write." She also admitted to "drinking all day."

When the officer spoke with Stephens, he reportedly said he and the victim were the only people in the home, but said the victim "tripped when she was coming into the residence and fell on the floor."

The officer’s reports indicate the victim’s injuries were not consistent with a fall.

Stephens was arrested and charged with simple battery.

Facebook face off

It all started on Facebook. Jajuan Nolley called officers after reportedly being jumped by Rashundra Wyatt and Mario Smith Thursday afternoon while she was paying for gas.

She told the officer Wyatt had been posting lies about her on Facebook and she was going to take a personal warrant out on her.

She said when she was heading inside the gas station on Washington Street, Wyatt got out of a car and came over to her. When she walked back out to her car, she said Wyatt pushed her in the head and grabbed her by the hair, then pushed against the store front window.

She said Smith came out of the store and stood by, watching the assault happen.

Nolley said she punched Wyatt in order to get the woman off her, but she ran off when she called the police.

She gave dispatch a description of the car Wyatt and Smith were traveling in.

Officers stopped the vehicle, but Wyatt had a different story. She said Nolley ran up to her at the store, seeking out a confrontation.

Officers settled the dispute by watching the surveillance video from the store. It shows that the two women spoke as Nolley entered the store, then when Nolley came out, the two began shouting at one another, before both beginning to fight with one another.

At one point, Smith came out of the store and separated the two women. Wyatt had two scratches on her forehead and Nolley had a busted lip.

Both women were placed under arrested for disorderly conduct.