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Woman arrested for forging prescription
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Christina J. Gray was arrested Saturday at the Kroger Pharmacy on Ga. Highway 20 in Covington. Gray was charged with prescription fraud in reference to a forged prescription sent to the Kroger Pharmacy on June 13.

Pharmacy Manager Amie Anderson contacted authorities around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and explained to the officer that she had received a prescription for 10mg of the narcotic Loritab. Anderson also stated that the prescription was sent in by a Dr. Charanjit S. Shijh, M.D., and that Gray was suppose to be in to pick up the prescription shortly.

While the officer was taking the information from the pharmacist, the suspect arrived at the pharmacy counter to retrieve her medication. Standing at the counter Gray allegedly noticed the officer writing information down about her and her prescription order. She then confronted the officer about this and when he realized that she was the suspect, he proceeded to arrest her on the charges of prescription fraud. Gray reportedly stated to the officer that she was picking the medicine up for someone by the name of "Robert," yet she did not seem surprised when the officer explained why she was being arrested. Gray was taken by the officer to Newton County Detention Center where she was held for booking and bonding procedures.