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Woman arrested after chasing firefighters with shovel
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Firefighters who responded to a call for medical assistance on Gum Creek Road Saturday were ambushed by a woman who leapt out of the bushes armed with a shovel and began chasing them while shouting threats such as “I’m going to kill you.”

A Sheriff’s deputy who arrived on the scene found 47-year-old Tina Jill Rice standing in the front yard, while firefighters waited in the road. The officer retrieved the shovel and placed the woman under arrest.

Rice was charged with obstruction and simple assault. It was not known as of Monday afternoon if she was being evaluated by a mental health professional.

Three separate incidents involving guns were also reported over the weekend.

On Friday, Timothy Lee Phillips pulled into a parking space at the Dollar General on Highway 81 where he was confronted by a black man who was unknown to him driving a dark blue Chevrolet truck. Upon leaving, the man followed Phillips to Roseberry Road, where Phillips pulled over. At that point, the man pointed a handgun in his face.

The file is still open and the assailant has not been identified.

Sheriff’s deputies also responded to two calls about gunshots. The source of one, reported on East Country Woods Drive Saturday, could not be identified, but a local woman told officers she suspected her ex-husband was responsible.

Another report of gunshots on Hastings Lane was traced to 26-year-old Timothy Ryan Willard, who told officers he was shooting rabbits in his yard. Willard was taken into custody and charged with reckless conduct, firearm discharge while under the influence, and obstruction.