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Woman arrested after attacking sister
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Covington police responded to a call about a family fight at a home on Hillside Drive just after 3 a.m. on Tuesday. When police arrived, they spoke to a woman who said her oldest daughter had jumped on her youngest daughter.

Police spoke with the youngest daughter who said her older sister Mallery Smith was mad at her because she thought she had been seeing her boyfriend.

She said she introduced Smith and the male to each other a couple of months ago and at that time, they did not have a relationship with each other.

The younger sister said Smith had been drinking in another room while she was in the kitchen she heard her mother and Smith arguing about her in the other room. She said Smith then came into the kitchen, grabbed her hair and threw her to the floor.

She said Smith picked up a chair, broke it and began screaming and cursing at her and then jumped on her and started hitting her and pulling her hair. The younger sister said she had to bite Smith's left leg to get her to stop.

Police also spoke with Smith who said she started the fight because she believed her younger sister was sleeping with her boyfriend. Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

She was taken to the Newton County Detention Center.

Prank leads to arrest of two Covington men

Two men were arrested on Wednesday after reportedly taking speakers out of another man's car as a joke.

Covington police responded to a theft from motor vehicle call at Food Depot located at U.S. Highway 278 around 1:30 a.m.

Police spoke with an employee who said between 10 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., someone broke into his truck and stole his speakers and a tool kit.

The man said he had two speakers behind his driver and passenger seat and an ultra steel mechanical set behind the passenger seat.

He said he clocked out from work and noticed that the black sliding glass was open along with the back window of the driver side. He said he also had a CB antenna bolted down to the rear bumper, which had wiring detached from it. The man said he asked the manager to review surveillance video to see if anyone could be seen at his truck.

The police officer, the man and the manager reviewed the video. The video showed a red Ford pick-up truck pull in front of the store and sit there for a few minutes. The truck then pulled up to the man's car and parked. Then two men got out of the car and made entry into the vehicle.

The man told police that the vehicle belonged to William Tate and then called him on the phone. James Brewer answered the phone and the man told Brewer that he was watching them break into his vehicle and police were with him.

The police also talked to Brewer on the phone and asked Brewer if they had the man's property. Brewer said yes, he had the man's property and that they were only playing a joke.

The police then asked Brewer to come back to the store to return the man's property. According to the report, Brewer and Tate came back to the store laughing.

The police talked with the two and the man was able to identify his belongings in the truck. Tate and Brewer were taken to the Newton County Jail.

Woman hit by car while walking to buy a soda

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the intersection at Ga. Highway 81 and Hegwood Drive on Wednesday around 8:30 p.m. in reference to a pedestrian being hit.

A deputy spoke with a woman who was laying in the grass who said she was injured and needed help. The woman told police that she was walking north toward Bailey's BP to buy a soda and a vehicle traveling south on Ga. Highway 81 crossed into the northbound lane and struck her and drove away.

According to the report, the woman called 911 from her phone and continued to lay on the side of the road. Police said the woman was not able to describe what type of vehicle hit her. Police said the woman had no visible injuries, but complained of leg, neck, back and hip pain.

She was taken to the Newton County Medical Center. She told police her mother was coming from Tennessee to pick her up because she was separating from her husband. Police made contact with the woman's mother and told her to meet her daughter at the hospital.

Woman calls police after being followed by a man at Home Depot

According to a report, Covington police responded to a call at the Home Depot located at Industrial Park Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon and spoke with a woman who said a man continued to follow her on several occasions.

The woman said on Aug. 4, she was on her lunch break from Home Depot, sitting in her vehicle when a man driving a gold colored SUV parked next to her.

She said the man got out of his SUV and started to walk his dog in the parking lot. She said the dog came over to her vehicle and she began petting the dog.

She said after a few minutes, the dog jumped on her vehicle and started to scratch it.

She said she told the man to get his dog and the man got the dog and put it back in his vehicle.

She said she then opened the door to her vehicle to get out of the car and the man pushed her door back closed, looked in her car and told her she needed to be with him. The woman said she tried to open her car door again and the man pushed the door closed again. She said she opened the door again and she started walking to the front doors of the store. She said while she was walking, the man grabbed her arm. She said she pulled away from the male and told him not to touch her and leave her alone.

She then continued to walk towards the doors. She said the man followed her again and grabbed her arm.

The woman said she pulled away again and told the man she would taze him if he would not leave her alone. She said she then ran to the doors and went inside.

The woman told police that a few days later, the man was parked in the same parking space in the same vehicle. She said she got in her car and drove away very fast so that the man could not follow her.

The woman said her manager asked her later what happened and she told him about the man.

On Wednesday, the woman told police the man was in the parking lot again. The report did not indicate if police made contact with the man.