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Wildlife Center hosts event Sept. 22
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In honor of National Hunting and Fishing Day, an event will be held at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield tomorrow, Sept. 22 from 8 a.m. to noon.

Children will get a chance to explore and enjoy wildlife at the wildlife center Charles Newton Elliott also known as "Charlie" did.

According to, Elliott lived in Covington, and served as the first director of Georgia State Parks during 1937-1938.

He was also the first director of the Game and Fish Commission, now known as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Before his passing in 1950, he dedicated conservation to wildlife and the natural world, and his legacy carries on today.

At 6,400 acres, the center offers a variety of activities and programs for the public. Children ages 15 and under are encouraged to attend the event. Each child is allowed five catfish a piece, and will meet at the Dove Pond at the Marben Public Fishing Area. Jamie Dowd, manager of the Marben Public Fishing Area, said their goal at the center is to give a family-friendly atmosphere with the outdoors.

"Statistically, hunting and fishing has been introduced by fathers, uncles, or close male relatives, and we want to allow children to get outdoors, and experience the outdoors," said Dowd.

The facility includes children's-only ponds, concrete boat ramps, boat docks, restrooms, fishing piers, and it is also handicap accessible. Participants are encouraged to bring sunscreen. Hunting season officially started Sept. 8 and lasts through Oct. 12, while fishing is year round on Tuesdays through Sundays, from sunrise to sunset. For more information, contact (770) 784-3059, or visit