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Underage drunk driver hits car outside Ozone
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An underage woman was arrested after reportedly hitting a parked car when leaving the Ozone.

According to reports, officers from the Covington Police Department were approached by a woman in the parking lot of the bar who allegedly told them her vehicle had been hit while parked in the parking lot. She also reportedly told them the person who had hit her vehicle was trying to leave and gave them her tag number and pointed out the vehicle to them.

Officers were able to stop the vehicle — a red Mitsubishi Gallant — being driven by a white female, later identified as 20-year-old Natalie Sharri Truelove. When asked about the accident Truelove reportedly told the officers that she hadn’t hit any parked cars but the tag number matched the one given to officers by the victim. Additionally, Truelove’s vehicle allegedly had a large dent on the front passenger side fender with grey paint on it — the same color as the vehicle that had been hit.

When asked if the damage to her car was from hitting the parked vehicle at Ozone, Truelove reportedly told officers that the paint and the dent had come from a previous accident that had occurred weeks before. Although Truelove denied hitting the gray vehicle, there was also red paint found in the dent on the victim’s vehicle that matched Truelove’s vehicle as well.

When confronted with the evidence against her, Truelove reportedly admitted that she had struck the victim’s vehicle but that she "didn’t mean to." While speaking with her, officers noticed a strong smell of alcohol on her person, according to reports, and that she [Truelove] "seemed very nervous." The 20-year-old had allegedly told the officers that she’d had nothing to drink that night.

According to reports, after being asked several times, Truelove finally admitted to drinking that night, reportedly telling officers she’d had one beer earlier in the evening. After testing her breath for the presence of alcohol, officers were able to confirm that she tested positive. She was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where another breath test came back at .059 — the legal limit for individuals under the age of 21 is .02.

Truelove was charged with DUI less safe under 21 and her vehicle was left locked in the parking lot of the Ozone for her parents to pick up at a later time.