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Two men steal womans wallet after helping her
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Police are searching for two men who reportedly stole a woman’s wallet outside Aldi under the pretense of helping her unload her groceries.

The woman told police the two men followed her outside the store as she left with her groceries and offered to help her load them. She said the white male would not stop talking and was wearing a dark shirt with the word “Christian” written across it, and the black male stood on the driver’s side of her vehicle as the white male helped her load her bags into the passenger side.

She called authorities later when she went to put her debit card and papers back in her wallet and noticed it was missing from her purse. She told police she felt the two men had set her up and stolen her wallet which was on the front seat of the car.

According to the woman the white male was over 6-feet tall with gray hair and the black male looked to be  about 40-years-old and had a medium complexion and short hair and was wearing a dark shirt and jeans.