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Two arrested for theft of city's copper
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Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing copper from the city of Covington.

Investigators from the Covington/Newton County Special Investigation Unit were able to catch one of the men on video, after setting up several cameras at the Pole Yard, the city's utility lot, following several thefts.

According to Captain Phillip Bradford, the city keeps several large spools of wire in the secured lot, but recently people have been either cutting or jumping the fence and stealing the wire (which has copper at its core). After several thefts, SIU installed the hidden cameras.

Sunday night, investigators caught 22-year-old Douglas Shane Carlile inside the fence of the Pole Barn and arrested him for criminal trespassing and theft by taking.During the arrest they found that Carlile had an accomplice, James Lloyd Stephens, who had dropped him off and was circling the block waiting for him. According to Bradford, Stephens, 38, continuously texted Carlile's phone, and through those texts investigators were able to locate him and arrest Stephens where he was waiting for Carlile. He was also charged with criminal trespassing and theft by taking.

It costs the city roughly $18 a foot to purchase a roll of wire and right now, copper prices average around $4 a pound. It would take roughly 5 to 8 feet of wire to equal a pound.