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Two arrested for forgery after gun shot incident at CVS
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Covington officers pulled over a vehicle believed to contain individuals connected to a shot that was fired near the CVS on Highway 278. According to dispatch, a male had shot at a car in the CVS parking lot. Shortly after, a male came into the store and yelled out the name Denise.

The officer identified the vehicle's two occupants as Denise Smith and Keldrin Perry. When the officer questioned Smith about the shot, Smith stated that she had just come from CVS, but knew nothing about a shot being fired. She also stated that Perry did yell her name out to get her to hurry up.

While the officer was talking with Smith, another Covington officer arrested Perry after dispatch advised that he had an outstanding warrant from Grady County.

The officer asked Smith if he could search her vehicle for the possible weapon that fired the shot and Smith consented. The officer then found three $100 counterfeit bills behind the front passenger seat in between the seat and console.

Smith stated that the money was hers and had found it while walking a trail near her house. However, Perry stated that the money was his.

Both Smith and Perry were placed under arrest for forgery.