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Two arrested fleeing Home Depot with stolen items
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A man and women fled Home Depot after stealing more than $2,000 in merchandise Thursday.

Bobby Gowan and Devyn Duren were arrested for felony shoplifting after Covington Police pulled them over at a red light on I-20. When officers were called to the scene, the suspects were driving a purple Chevy Lumina on Hwy. 142 toward I-20.

According to reports, Gowan and Duren confronted a Home Depot associate before taking off running toward the Chevy Lumina. Witnesses told officers Gowan flashed a Walmart receipt to the teller before leaving the building.

According to reports the suspects were placing items in the car and trying to drive off when a DeWalt generator fell. It was left behind as Gowan and Duren drove off.

Other items taken were reported to be cactus flowers, an Echo cultivator, a RYOBI hedge trimmer and Li-ion hedge trimmer. The items totaled $2,240.65, according to the police report.